Chatterley Pens/Delta Stantuffo Windows Winter Limited Edition Fountain Pen


IMG 8427-1

A take off of the original Delta Windows Winter. When I first saw the Delta Windows, I thought. Wow, what a beautiful pen, I would love to see it all in the Demo material. About a year later. Its here.

The Chatterley Pens Stantuffo Windows Winter. This pen is limited to 22 pens worldwide and come with Gold Vermeil trim (sterling silver, plated with gold) They are piston filled and are fitted with 14k Solid Two toned nibs. They can come with Fine, Medium, Broad or Stub nibs ($30 more for the stub)

Demonstrator pens are especially hard to make. With most pens they polish the outside of the pen either by hand or by a hand using a machine, or a tumbler, the process can take a long time to get that perfect sheen. But with demo pens, they need to be polished from the inside out as well. This process can only be done by hand. Every one of these pens have been polished by hand at the warehouse at Delta. While I was there are few months ago, I was able to see the process done. Its really a unique process and makes this pen very special. MSRP on this $995, but contact me for my special price.

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