Chatterley Pens/Stipula Kandinsky Skeleton Limited Edition Fountain Pen Brushed Silver and Blue

IMG 8016-1

Stipula, Chatterley Pens Collaboration. Pictured below ist he Brushed Silver, shiny silver and Rose Gold versions. 

This pen will made in 4 versions.

Wassilly Kandinsky's art is well known, and it was the inspiration for this pen. A Skeleton Fountain Pen, with Sterling Silver Overlay.

These fill with true in house Power filler.

Sterling Silver and Clear Resin, 18k Gold nib-33 pens worldwide-MSRP $1650

Brushed Sterling Silver, Clear Blue Resin, T-Flex nib-33 pens worldwide-MSRP $1595

Rose Gold Vermeil, Clear Blue Resin, 18k nib-33 pens worldwide-MSRP $1695

Yellow Gold Vermeil, Clear Resin, 18k nib-8 pens worldwide-MSRP $1695

Special Pricing available for people who buy all 4 pens in a set. Also available is some special pricing for 3 pen sets. Many numbers already on hold. Contact me if you would like to reserve a specific set number.

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